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A warm welcome! Fresh Architecture
at White House Community, Pathum Thani!

The design involves the two-layer constructions, strong glass and various louvers for wrapping as the façade of BBYou Clinic. Location of the building is at Rangsit, Khlong Luang in Pathum Thani. We chose these materials, especially the louvers; it can express our concept of movement and changing according with the programs like making up or surgery which can change a man’s face. The entire louver façade is approximately 700 m2. Moreover, these materials are stability in fluctuating temperatures and ability to form one continuous surface. A project called the urban facelift of the old row house community.
BB You Clinic
A warm welcome! Fresh Architecture  at White House Community, Pathum Thani!
Axonomatric outer skin
Axonomatric inner skin

BB You Clinic 1
Architect: Supachai Chaijan  /  Duangnapa Sinlapasai
Type: Public Building: Beauty Clinic
Photoed by: Xaroj Phrawong
สถาปนิก: ศุภชัย ชัยจันทร์  /  ดวงนภา ศิลปสาย
ประเภท: อาคารสาธารณะ
ภาพถ่าย: สาโรช พระวงค์

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