Click to : Clinic [Urban facelift] Interior


BBYou Beauty Clinic locate on White House,
Row House Community, Phathumthani.

It must be CHANGE!
Providing to women and men alike,

The interior design for BBYou Clinic is modern, combines advanced skin care with kind treatments, where beauty embraces art and science, all in a peaceful and discreet environment designed to relax and refresh.

Materials used are natural, simple, and elegant. Indirect light enhances the texture of the materials, while use of down lights provides sufficient lighting and natural daylight. The design aims at creating a simple and modern atmosphere while providing well-designed comfort for the users.

Architect: Supachai Chaijan  /  Duangnapa Sinlapasai
Type: Public Building
Photoed by: Xaroj Phrawong
สถาปนิก: ศุภชัย ชัยจันทร์  /  ดวงนภา ศิลปสาย
ประเภท: อาคารสาธารณะ
ภาพถ่าย: สาโรช พระวงค์

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