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TH Gallery & Café
Designed by THstudio Architects

We are the red point in the Korat city’s map.
Approach from the small road, King Sawai Riang 2 “`ซอยกิ่งสวายเรียง 2”

TH Gallery is a private small gallery. TH is abbreviated by Thai, because we are proud in our culture or THAIFICATION because it opens for many kinds of cultural adaptability in different aspects. Architecture of TH Gallery is a matter of visual aestheticism with the particular programs – architecture and design exhibition, and café – expressed via space, form, and material. The visual impact of the building comes after because we aim to create a building as an art object accordance with the program.

Understanding and interpretation in place and program come together as a challenge situation. It is an important starting point for architecture design even it is a small space but big idea. The design is considered from outside to inside back and forth.

The existing green is matter for our design. Instead of deleting up the trash, we decide to make using of the trees and try to turn them as an advantage. The existing trees on the site are designed to be in a parts of space, we call such space that ‘the secret gardens’. This space aims to remind people about the nature even in the dense city. This space aims to encourage people for keeping the nature even in the dense city.


The proposition of antithesis could originate from Thai rhetoric, if we took one side as the old, big, dark, hardscape, hidden indoor commercial cave with ornaments the other side would be the new, small, bright, solf-scape, highlighted outdoor art space. From this notion of antithesis, the idea of a private gallery in the gap is gradually composed. 

The aesthetic perception by depicting Silhouettes is rather than emphasizing light and shadow. Architectural form is created by main 6 layers of white & grey panels which are fold together. The folding structure is expressed the unique of gallery space like art work. Moreover, architectural design is created space looks like an entity from outside looks like a solid art object, but when people are getting into gallery space they will get a feeling like surrounded by outdoor spaces- the secret gardens– which display on the wall as silhouette. The silhouette digested materiality of non-solid wall. This is the design purpose. In this sense, the site is occupied by an art object and existing trees. Spaces between inside and outside are linked by green courtyards of existing trees.


TH Gallery is located in the heart of the old of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. It consists of three parts, one is gallery & café, an architect workstation, and two courtyards are between gallery café space and the workstation. The courtyards are used to be both gardens and art exhibitions. We intend to integrate between new and old sense of artifact. The new sense is expressed by a form of modern architecture, while the old sense is represented by doors, windows, old materials such as wooden floor. Old traditional doors and windows are put in the new interpretation. Some unpredictable effects are found and kept deliberately when we are exploring. Never completion is our thought for this project because it is art object, therefore its space always adjustable.  TH Gallery is intended to create architecture in sense of the communicative stance in old and new design.

BETWEEN PROFESSIONAL AND INSPIRATION The gallery is a tip of a new icon of art and architecture in the old town in the largest province – Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand. It is like a place for building an inspiration for every people who are finding a creative place and environment. Many artists and architects will be invited to show their critical works. Another intension of TH Gallery is to be a showroom to tell people in the city a story about art and architecture. THstudio Architects who designed the gallery is the curator who runs the gallery. It’s the beginning of a new story of the city. 

TH Gallery & Cafe, Warm Welcome and Thank you for your coming.

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    This place looks so incredibly beautiful!

    1. THstudio Architects – Supachai Chaijan and Duangnapa Sinlapasai: Architects TH(ai) studio works on difference of projects such as experimental design in architectural competitions, houses, housing projects, public buildings and established the studio role in professional ways both in creative design and conceptual research.

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