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The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Pattaya, Chonburi has proved that SJA3D and THstudio Architects is also a great firm in sustainable master plans, interiors and structures.


In our vision, ‘a clear and confident piece’ is the starting point.
“The church historically was a very important part of a meeting place”
“We think the church have some of that connection.”
The Cathedral of Christ the Light is built with a spectacular structure comprised of white concrete/glass skin which finally produces an interior full of light. The Cathedral employs a non-linear approach to honor the church’s 2,000-year history without forcing a specific point of view. By cleaning received iconography, the design symbolic meaning within contemporary culture. The accessible result remains open to the region’s ever-changing multi-cultural makeup and to the future.

The front of the modern church reflects the long tradition of “sail-style” Image. The new front takes the line of the eaves; the curved angle between the two borders creates a sheltered area above the entrance and gives shape to the new churchyard space.

The interior space of this place of worship is meant to be peaceful, spiritual but not theatrical, daily but not prosaic. Its architecture is a contemporary style of the two major typological models of historic churches: the longitudinal single hall, with an axis centered on the presbytery, and the central or oval plan gathered around the church.