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Thawee Gall COVER 1

and Truth.

Tawee Rajaneekorn, National Artist Gallery, Nakhon Ratchasima

The key concept aims to organize space for the art works, mainly paintings which need to avoid moisture and direct light because they can destroy the art works. Therefore, light from north which is not hot and also soft light is chosen to use in the main space through void on the north walls. In part of moisture, the building is elevated from the ground level to protect the gallery from moisture. Exterior of east and west mainly are covered by metal sheets which is effective in quickly transfer heat. Moreover, these both sides are contained the air gaps along the length, and also is supported by many glass louvers for ventilation.

The gallery design is cooperated with a decorator Rana Rajaneekorn who is Tawee’s son.

The building is supposed to express in the simple structure but easily perceive from its surroundings.