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The house is set in an extended residential family, looking out to a mountain scene, on a site where the land slopes slightly down to the green area. Given its use as a new house, an arrangement that has a main house between the old house where is renovating as well, was proposed. This makes it possible to use them progressively, flexibly, depending on the family members that have different ideas in different ways that is the heart of the design that led to the concept of “SYNC HOUSE”.
“SYNC HOUSE” is defined by spaces of the house are free of the way of connecting and disconnecting spaces of the family members, they will get private and share spaces from time to time.

How to “SYNC”?

Articulating the house along a triangle axis allows these separating, perfectly oriented spaces to be kept independent. At the same time, this arrangement of separation, autonomous rooms make them possible to create a series of open spaces, interlocking spaces, linkage by common spaces, and cantilever terraces, that set the reunification between the house owners and the interior/exterior spaces.

Creating a place through memory is the premise that leads to the archetype. The old house is a model that fits the desire to turn the entire of the new house into its spaces which is interior and exterior at the same time. The façade is a filter for changing light and views of surroundings. The ground floor contains mostly public spaces, while bedrooms are placed on the upper floors. The ground floor has an inner garden court, the tactile contact with nature, and the bedrooms, above the limits of the courtyard, have the distant views and the horizon.

The spaces change height and vary their proportions to adapt to the brief and to fit their scale to the best reading of the natural world that can see from the house. The vertical proportion of the double-height dining room give an intimate relationship with the existing trees of the land.