Click to : Sermon Hall: ศาลาการเปรียญ

Sermon Hall: ศาลาการเปรียญ
วัดป่ารวมธรรม อ. เพ็ญ จ. อุดรธานี

“Modern Era Buddhist Sermon Hall is rising at WAT PHA RUAM DHARMA”

Located on the forest temple in the small village, Wat Pha Ruam Dharma, Udontani, with its wooden roof and old Isan Isosceles’ symbolic is a unique symbol, visible from the main entrance of the site.

At the beginning of the project, THstudio Achitects was specifically requested that architecture of the forest temple should be not reproduced by tradition of Thai sermons but rather be a “rethink” of it. The design approach for the sermon had been developed from the narrative of the Buddha achieving his Enlightenment while meditating under the Boddhi tree. Conceptually, a Boddhi Leaf Tree can be considered as the original space and form of its architecture.