The Demonstration School of NRRU

Gross Built Area: 3,000 square meters

Considering the key student’s activities are led to the learning programs in accordance with primary students. 

The concept design is ‘The Mountain of Knowledge’ based on promoting learning activity for children. Learning is a never-ending and gradually more and higher like keep walking to the top of the mountain. The aim of the concept is creating More Experience/ More Imagination / More Knowledge that is interpreted into each space and programs. From the concept becomes the building form of the mountain.

The building consists of the programs for the learning period of primary school. It is a small building that is an extension of the demonstration school of NRRU in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. The building has 2 and 3 stories flow to each other. There are a big entrance plaza and staircases between two main parts of the building. The position of the main circulations is designed for parents and teachers can see the children, it is a good way of safety. 

The composition of the mountain of knowledge is created as a form of architecture for children and promoting a learning atmosphere in the school.  A key material of the building is the local brick. The brick is produced only in the city of the school located. It is a unique brick in Thailand because of soil qualification. Consequently, it becomes a source of learning for children about their local identity including to conservative the local material at the same time. The external brick wall renders the local perspective is merged into modern architecture.