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About the farm project!
“Clean contemporary lines with traditional barn reference.
Local wisdoms mix”

[ข้าว]: Rice Kernel

The project was created to build in Chai Nat is the center part of Thailand. The province as people recognize that is one of the breadbaskets in the country. The project consists of two buildings, one is the office, and another is the rice barn. We intended to create the buildings in the way of contemporary by combined local and global concepts on the fertile land where we can plant the new beautiful seeds, then they are growing up.  


In part of the office, it was supposed to locate along the main road. It is, therefore, the main approach to perceive the farm. The image of the building we got the inspiration from the rice kernel. We named the building ‘Med Khow’. We will also mix a local material like wood, and a modern material like concrete, and to enhance the further with the wooden pattern as the skin. It is becoming a landmark of the farm.

BARN HOUSE: The traditional details juxtaposed modern amenities

In part of the rice barn, its location is behind the office, but it is bigger.

Concept of the barn was influenced the form of the traditional barn. The building is entirely covered by curve roof to direct to the building. When people interact with the building in such concept, they will be familiar with the form, color and materials, possibly adding an element of nostalgic remembrance to their reception of the building.  To enhance this further, there will have a scaled up farmyard.

Let’s feel free in the rice field! Chai Nat, Thailand.

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