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Living spaces merge to the surrounding,

A concept of this house is called ‘Living Balcony’ because we want to raise up a balcony as the key element of the house. The concept of balcony derived from traditional Thai house, the balcony is a kind of open space for joining both family members and guests in the way of multifunction. It is still powerful function even in the modern life as today because it is the lively mediate space for family members come to join.
The house is two-story (350 sq.m) with the big balcony which was designed as the main space to connect interior and exterior spaces, on other words, to blur their boundaries. On other side of the house is provide a green court where directly link to the balcony, following the concept of the connection.

The functions of the house are provided for a living space, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and services on the first floor. The second floor contains a space of working, music and library spaces, and bedrooms.

In a part of the skin façade was designed by double skin, one is the inner glass wall, and the outer one is wooden louvers. We intended to use the wooden louver as the skin runs along the length. The louver skin’s function is to screen sunlight, which creates the house to be comfortable with quality of light which changes all the time. Moreover, the skin is a good approach, and in the same time uses it to protect private atmosphere.

Environment is also an important point for this project, because the site is surrounded by a cannel, an old community, and orchard. Because of the good environment, the green court was created to like in the visual way and also make the green atmosphere for the house.

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