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“We are all the leaves of one tree
The time has come for all to live as one,
We are all the leaves of one tree.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

The statement teaches us to realize the relationship of living harmony which leads
to simplicity and beauty in our lives in the way of nature.We are all the Leaves of One Tree
The house [บ้าน] was designed following the philosophy that provides spaces for inhabitants easily access to the normally natural surroundings. For this concept created the leaf folds the space while the space folds the leaf in the same time.

The design is considered by curved leaf roof and open garden that focusing dynamic growth inside. The leaf house is a space that allows inhabitants to be inside and in-the-green space at the same time. For living harmony, we created the spaces for the nature in different aspects such as the natural light, water, greenery and so on.

The House [บ้าน] integrates the context and reflects qualities of the landscape: its wall structure represents the vertical green and the light panels. The plans base shapes the leaf shelter, the daylight filters through ventilated holes onto a roof and the open plan living areas. Views and reflections control the surroundings garden through an enclosure of the leaves pattern panels.

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