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TH : THai Studio Architects

Study Tech, Love Nature

using technology as an entry tool to nature.


works on research design and focus on culture transformation of contemporary and modern art, architecture, people and social community both privacy and public domain as place for livable and sustainable cities.

THstudio Architects
Our Architecture Design as Art meet Tech

Professional ways both in creative design and conceptual research

We design architecture focus on the buildings, urban design we focus on relationships between buildings and on the spaces they create in between each other, often called the “public domain.”

Architectural design focuses on the aesthetic and function of the structure. It’s design works to create a space that flows with its surroundings for privacy and public good

Interior design is not only one of the oldest or modern decoration, but also one of the most multi-disciplinary knowledge intensive scientific fields which is concerned with interior and exterior forms together.

Exhibition design that allows people to feel the art of information, clear, minimal, comfortable, secure and think freely. One that is so beautiful, it’ll last in their memories forever as a new kind of architecture and improved meaning.

Many spatial design can be macro such as urban design, landscape architecture and buildings constructions or it could be micro such as interior design or public-art for all social, psychological and socio-psychological impacts. 

Work, Coffee, Gallery as our Architecture Cafe’ is both our art and architecture studio and exhibition where a place for people in the city where we love. Warm welcome to visit us not only drink coffee but more experience.

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